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Cognitive Enhancement Therapy                                                              As a part of NAMI's mission to aid community support programs, NAMI WC affiliate has enlisted a task force group to advocate for the dissemination of the evidence- based practice, Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET). CET is a neurocognitive and social-cognitive rehabilitation program that takes a fully comprehensive approach to helping people with schizophrenia and related disorders. CET goes beyond “treatment as usual” by measurably improving brain and cognitive development, social functioning and vocational capabilities. Communities that have implemented CET have noted a significant reduction in hospital bed stays among those who have participated in the program. The unique way CET is structured empowers people to move beyond just maintenance into more fulfilling lives.   Please join the Facebook page WNC Connects for Cognitive Enhancement Therapy  for valuable information, including research studies, interviews and more. We are working to see that CET is made available to people in Western North Carolina.  In order to fulfill its purpose, the task force group needs your involvement. Meetings are held as needed every 4-8 weeks. CET Task Force Coordinator: Angela Stott 828-335-8557 angelastott@mac.com
From NAMI National: NAMI's Ask the Doctor--Cognitive Enhancement Therapy                             Ray Gonzalez talks about the benefits of CET
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Interview with Shaun Eack Ph.D of the University of Pittsburgh
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