NAMI In Our Own Voice NAMI In Our Own Voice is led by a two-person team of trained presenters who are living in recovery from mental illness. The speakers use their individual stories to unmask what it is like to live with mental illness and stay in recovery. Another life-changing NAMI program, it includes visual presentation and discussion.
NAMI Western Carolina's In Our Own Voice speakers will talk to your class, organization or faith community about important things you need to know about mental illness. They will talk to you about their recovery and the important components of recovery such as dark days, acceptance, treatment, coping skills, successes, hopes, and dreams. Contact: Paulette Heck; 828-581-0080,
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Hear IOOV presenters Kitty Richards & John Morrison talk about the IOOV presentation and tell their storys on the radio program A Mindful Emergence on WPVM 103.7 with host Eddie Leshure.   Achived recording.  Show Number #5  Record Date: 12/21/15   
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