NAMI Western Carolina Board                                                                                                     E-mail President/Co-treasurer:             Paulette Heck            Vice President/Co-treasurer:     Larry Thompson       Treasurer:                                     Lisa Niemas-Holmes Secretary:                                     Inger Stallman-Jorgensen                            Executive Committee The executive committee welcomes your questions, comments and concerns. In addition to officers listed above, other board members who are on the Executive Committee are: Gus Diggs                                                                      Brooks-Ann McKinney                                                 At-Large Board Members Jerene Broadway Jessie Connolly David Cornwell Share Friedman Dan Grunau Eddie LeShure Anthony Oneka
Hear Paulette Heck talk about NAMI WC and it’s programs as well as local resources on A Mindful Emergence  on WPVM 103.7 with host Eddie Leshure.   Achived recording.  Show Number 25.  Record Date: 5/9/16
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