Trainings for NAMI WC Programs (2017-2018)   The health of our affiliate depends on strong programming. To this end, we need to have trained facilitators and teachers. Please consider taking one of these trainings to become equipped to help NAMI WC be a strong advocate for Mental Health in our community. If interested, please contact 828-505-7353 or Meals and overnight accommodations are covered. Family-to-Family (Coordinator: Pam Jaillet) This is a free 12-session course that is open to family members who have a close relative with a mental illness. The course includes ways to understand and help the person with the illness and helps the family overcome the difficulties of coping with this family crisis. September 22-24 (Raleigh); December 1-3 (Charlotte or Western Carolina)   Peer-to-Peer Ten free two-hour classes are taught by a team of two who have personally experienced living well with mental illness. The course uses lecture and interactive exercises to help participants gain knowledge, insight, and coping strategies for living with mental illness. Participants will work to develop a crisis plan during the program. November 3-5 (Location to be determined) Family Support Group  (Coordinator: Tom Maynard) Free bi-monthly meetings for anyone supporting a person living with a mental health issue. Talk about your fears, stress, and how to cope with the effects of mental illness. Give and receive support and encouragement. January 13-15 (Raleigh)   Connection (Coordinator: Tracey Turner) Free weekly recovery support group for people living with mental health issues in which participants learn from others’ experiences, share coping strategies, and offer encouragement and understanding. February 24-25 (Raleigh)   In Our Own Voice (Coordinator: Paulette Heck) This free program aims to change attitudes, preconceived notions, and stereotypes regarding mental illness. This is accomplished through community presentations by trained peers who share what it is like to live with mental illness while conveying the importance of treatment and recovery. October date (WC location); March 24-25 (Raleigh)   NAMI Basics (Coordinator: Share Friedman) This is a free 6-week course for parents or direct caregivers of children and adolescents (18 or younger) who are showing symptoms of or who are diagnosed with mental health issues. May 5-6 (Raleigh)
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