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 Join NAMI for a SAMHSA-sponsored webinar   "Parity: Access to Mental Health and Substance Use Care" Tragically, many Americans with mental health and substance use conditions still struggle to find quality, affordable mental health and substance use care. They may experience difficulties finding in-network care or face restrictions on the type of care they need. And despite passage of a federal parity law, many people are unclear of their rights under this law. This webinar will explore the current status of the federal parity law and cover strategies for building awareness about individual rights covered by the law. Speakers will also share tools developed by the White House and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) that will help people get the right care at the right time. Date:   November 7, 2017 Time:   3 p.m. ET REGISTER Presenters:     Tim Clement, MPH, is the Policy Director of ParityTrack, a joint project of The              Kennedy Forum and The Scattergood Foundation.     Alice Dembner, serves as the Director of the Substance Use Disorders Project at              Community Catalyst, which focuses on promoting new ways to prevent and treat              alcohol and drug problems. Key initiatives of this program include advancing early              intervention with youth, ensuring access to quality services, promoting treatment and              social services rather than incarceration, and integrating substance use treatment              fully into the health system.